Autographed Guitars and Records for sale now

Signed guitars and more.

Have you ever wondered who holds the best selection of signed music memorabilia in town? Look no further than DollarDealers, ‘your local pawnshop’.

Having been in operation for more than 20 years, DollarDealers have over time collated an extensive range of exciting and unique collectibles. From signed records, guitars and platinum selling covers, they have it all.



DollarDealers are proud to stock full size guitars signed by some of the biggest bands and artists in the world. Items currently in stock range from a signed guitar by English mega band The Rolling Stones, a signed guitar from the ground-breaking and timeless music of Pink Floyd, a signed guitar from the creators of the world’s first platinum-selling double album; Eric Clapton and his Cream band mates.

Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin and B.B. King, all household names, are some of the signed guitars that DollarDealers stocks.



DollarDealers are thrilled to house signed records from some of the most influential musicians and high profile stars of all time, including records from both the King and Queen of Pop; Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Bob Marley, U2, Alice Cooper, Cream, Billy Joel are among the names of signed records and cover sleeves at DollarDealers.

Records and sleeves not only hold a special connection to the artist, they are a representation of a specific point in musical history. These sought after pieces never fail to disappoint as a feature of your growing memorabilia collection or a special gift for a loved one.

Cream Signed Disc


Every authenticated signed item that is sold in store is accompanied by an official Certificate of Authentication (COA) from a recognised independent professional third party authenticator and external company.

DollarDealers recommend that if you are interested in collecting memorabilia, you should always request and site the authentication certificate and ensure that it is included with the item. This helps to determine the value of the item for purchasing and insurance purposes.



Purchasing autographed memorabilia is a thrilling investment whether it is for you, a special gift, a fundraising event or a company boardroom. Not only do these items look great and are fantastic conversation starters, they can also serve as an investment, with many signed items appreciating in value over time.

DollarDealers’ in-store professionals can help by showing you everything you need to know with collectibles, signatures and their accompanying certificates. For one of New Zealand’s largest collections of signed musical items come on down to DollarDealers, your local pawnshop.

Start or add to your collection today!

Shop for signed memorabilia at the following DollarDealers stores:

Cash Lady – 63 Victoria Street, Auckland CBD – (09) 373 5253

Casino Gold House – 87 Victoria Street, Auckland CBD – (09) 300 6049

Birkenhead DollarDealers – 65 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead – (09) 419-9092

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