Banks are Tightening The Purse Strings But It’s Not All Bad News

It is has become something of a hot topic; how New Zealand Banks are tightening their lending restrictions.

These recent developments are making it ever harder for hard-working, earnest New Zealanders to access financial backing.

It is not all bad news though, with nine DollarDealers stores Auckland wide, the answer to your financial qualms is only ever just around the corner.


Banks are Tightening The Purse Strings

Times are changing. We understand and empathise with the way in which New Zealand Banks are operating. They have to make money and they have to ensure that their backs are covered.

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It is becoming increasingly hard to get credit from banks. That is about the long and short of it. There are dozens of reasons why an individual may have a poor credit rating or even no credit score at all. Banks are tightening their purse strings and if your credit record is not squeaky clean you may find yourself getting turned away time after time.

Even if you do get approved for credit, many customers have to continue to jump through hoops. Although in years gone by the safest and most sensible way to obtain the cash you needed would be through a traditional bank loan, it is not the case in 2019.

Although Pawnshops have been around for centuries, DollarDealers marks a new era of pawnshops; creating safe and secure initiatives for hard-working New Zealanders to access the cash they need, fast and without potentially life-altering repercussions.

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The Ease of Pawnshops

Unlike with traditional banks loans, pawn loans are easy to obtain, require very little paperwork, no credit checks and can be approved on the spot.

The process of obtaining a pawn loan is incredibly simple and is proving to be an increasingly popular way for Kiwis to navigate their current financial situation. To learn more about the benefits of a pawn loan, read more here.

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Let’s quickly run through the process of taking out a pawn loan.

  • Take your item of collateral into a DollarDealers store, or apply online here.
  • Wait while your item is appraised and our highly trained team create your bespoke pawn loan offer.
  • If the offer suits you, you can accept and sign the loan agreement.
  • Once signed, you can walk away with the cash instantly.
  • Return on the date agreed with the principal sum plus interest and exchange for your item of collateral.

To see a full list of our accepted items, click here.

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The DollarDealers Difference – Our Pawn Price Promise

If DollarDealers hasn’t been your first port of call for your pawn loan and you believe you have found a better deal elsewhere, you can still come to us.

Our Pawn Price Promise is as simple as can be. We guarantee to beat the pawn loan price that you have been quoted, offered or loaned on your item. Any item. Any price. We strive to serve our customers to the greatest of our abilities.

The DollarDealers Pawn Price Promise is just another way we are ensuring you get the best value from New Zealand’s No.1 trusted pawnbroking service provider.

To learn more about our Pawn Price Promise, click here.

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So the banks may well be tightening their purse strings but this news needn’t bother you one bit.

DollarDealers is here to help you access the cash you want in a way that suits you.

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