DollarDealers have New Zealand’s luxury pawn needs covered

Using your luxury items for instant cash.

DollarDealers is a New Zealand owned and operated collateral lender, pawnbroker, based in Auckland. With over 20-years experience and 9-stores Auckland-wide, we have earned a solid reputation as a high-end pawnbroking business.

We pride ourselves on having retained our down-to-earth friendliness and willingness to help anyone access a loan.

No matter how small or large the loan, we are here to help. We had a chat with our Operations Manager to explore how DollarDealers has New Zealand’s luxury pawn needs covered.

How much can DollarDealers loan:

“We have the ability to loan to meet the requirements of our customers, up to $1 Million. The beauty of it is that we can do it on the spot’’

People or businesses often require a large loan to meet their short-term cash needs. DollarDealers is an ideal lender in these situations as pawn loans are safe, easy to obtain and quick to repay.

Items to use for a Luxury Pawn:

“More people are discovering luxury pawnbroking as a way to access substantial amounts of money without the hassle of applying for a loan through a bank or other finance companies. That is a rigorous process with credit checks and scouring the fine print”.

It is true, accessing a luxury pawn loan requires no credit checks, it is a discreet and efficient process.

“In the past,” he says, “people have been trying themselves to access loans from the bank. Now they’re discovering that the boat, car, jet ski or items of jewellery that they’ve got lying around can be a source of instant cash”.

“Many people have these items. Boats and jet skis, for example, are quite seasonal. Many of our customers get themselves into a strong financial position in the winter months, with the added bonus of having the use of their goods in the summer”.

It is a financial set up that is proving effective for hundreds of New Zealanders across the Auckland area and beyond.

Rolex & Patek Philippe are among the many watch brands we provide luxury loans against, large gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are commonly used as collateral for luxury lending within our stores too”.

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Why luxury pawn with DollarDealers?

DollarDealers has positioned itself as an industry leader in luxury pawn loans and offers the lowest pawn rates in New Zealand. Our security measures and holding facilities are second to none. Pawned items are safe and secure with surveillance monitoring 24/7. DollarDealers always has experts in-store to verify the true value of items.

“We have a Graduate Gemologist of GIA within the company’s jewellery department. They have an extensive knowledge of gemstones and watches, and they can appraise any item of luxury pawn that comes into store’’.

“We also understand that some customers appreciate a high level of privacy. We respect that and have no issue going offsite to appraise, in order to keep their privacy intact. Whatever is best for our customers”.

“We genuinely care about our customers, no loan is too big or too small”.

“Ultimately, we are the people’s bank.”

We have the lowest pawn rates in New Zealand, as follows:

Interest Rates 7


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