Are you in need of an immediate cash injection for business or personal use??

Why go through the hassle of getting a bank loan, dealing with finance companies or selling your beloved assets when you can secure a high-value pawn loan with DollarDealers using your valuable asset, such as a boat, car, motorbike or jet ski?

We really can lend against almost any high value asset, including cars, marine assets, machinery, and other equipment!

At DollarDealers we offer quick lending solutions against your high value assets without the hassle.

With our fast and efficient process, you can keep your high-value asset while securing the funds you need to keep your business running smoothly. All high-value pawn loans completed are discrete without credit checks and cash or bank deposit the same day.

Depending on the model, make, and condition of your asset, we can lend up to $1 million instantly, with monthly rates as low as 4%.

Banks and finance companies often require a great deal of paperwork and red tape, which can significantly delay the release of funds. Unlock the immediate value in your assets without delay through a high-value pawn loan. Examples of assets we accept
Trailer Boats, JetSki’s, luxury and vintage cars, motorbikes, machinery and more.

We can lend against almost any high-value asset!

Storage and Security During Your Lending Term:

We will ensure that your high-value asset is well taken care of while in our custody. It will be held in a safe and secure storage facility under 24/7 monitoring and camera surveillance. Furthermore, we will provide full insurance coverage for your asset during the testing, drop off, and collection phases.

How To Get A Pawn Loan

Step One:

Apply online or visit one of our Auckland DollarDealers locations to arrange for an assessment of your high-value asset.

Step Two:

Our expert valuers will inspect and evaluate your asset and make an offer.

Step Three:

Once both parties agree to the offer, your asset will be transported to our secure storage facility. It will be fully covered by DollarDealers insurance during transportation.

Step Four:

Recieve cash or bank deposit the same day.

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Case Study:

Dave came to DollarDealers for a pawn loan. His business was struggling and needed a quick cash injection.

He was considering reluctantly selling his boat to raise the needed capital, as he knew that going through traditional banks or finance companies would entail a lot of paperwork and red tape, delaying the release of funds.

Dave’s friend recommended a DollarDealers’ high-value pawn loan, which Dave applied for online by filling out an estimate form. One of our team members contacted him soon-after to arrange for a viewing and valuation of his boat. Our expert valuers went out to see Dave and his boat, before agreeing on a fair value to lend. That afternoon Dave walked away with $150,000 at a monthly rate of only 4%, while knowing his boat was safely secured during his lending term.

The funds Dave required to keep his business running smoothly had been acquired and all without having to sell his prized possesion. 2 months later, Dave paid off his high-value pawn loan and is now back on the water, with his business cash flow back to normal.

So, don’t let financial constraints limit your business or personal growth.
Instead, unlock the value in your high-value asset to secure instant cash with DollarDealers, and get back on track in no time.

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sam deez
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Losa Sesoni
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