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DollarDealers Goes Nationwide – Post Your Gold Today

DollarDealers is New Zealand’s first choice for selling or loaning old, unwanted gold, diamond jewellery and watches. Not only do we guarantee the best prices in all of New Zealand, but also the easiest possible transaction.

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With our new post your gold service, you can get cash for your gold from the comfort of your living room. No effort required. You could have cash in your bank account in a matter of days.

Order your FREE and insured courier pack today ->click here.

Let’s take a minute to run through why DollarDealers is the only choice when it comes to getting cash for gold and watches in New Zealand.

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There are three very simple reasons why and we guarantee that you’ll be rummaging through your jewellery boxes and drawers before you’ve even finished reading.

Reason 1

What sets DollarDealers apart from other cash for gold operators in New Zealand is that we pay for EVERYTHING. DollarDealers is the only cash for gold service that also pays for diamonds and precious stones. We will never sell you short.

Our complimentary, obligation-free appraisals include the value of the precious stones in each item of jewellery. Other service providers only pay for the weight of your gold, which means you could be missing out on significant amounts of money.

DollarDealers pays the most for gold, diamonds, and precious stones; our prices will not be beaten!

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Reason 2

The DollarDealers post your gold service insures your items up to $25,000. In the exceptionally unlikely event that your pre-paid, tracked, courier pouch goes missing in transit your items are insured for up to $25,000. You will receive a payout that is equal to the value of your items.

Of course, if you believe your items are greater than $25,000 in value, then you can arrange a private appraisal with DollarDealers, or visit us in-store.

Diamond Bigger

Reason 3

It is our reputation that sets us apart. DollarDealers is a household name and with good reason. We have worked within our communities for over 20 years. Our staff are all local and real pillars of the community. We always put our customers first.

Ultimately, DollarDealers is a business. We exist to make a profit but never at the expense of our customers and the community. We believe that when our community and customers are thriving, so can we.

We are New Zealand’s biggest jewellery buyer and New Zealand’s favourite pawnbroker. We are honoured to be at your service.

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So what are you waiting for? Order your pre-paid tracked courier jewellery pouch today!

Greater financial freedom is just a matter of days away.

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