Sell your goods for instant cash

Are you tired of selling your stuff on auction sites?

Are you short on time? Do you need a cash boost?

Popping down to you Auckland pawn store could help put you back in the red. Selling your goods to DollarDealers is a simple and hassle-free process. You can have the cash you want, and need, in minutes. We are New Zealand’s leading pawnbroker, with loans from 3%, and we are here to help.

DollarDealers is not only striving to save New Zealanders time but make them money too.

We chatted with our Operations Manager to talk about how easy it is to sell your good for instant cash with DollarDealers

“For many people, privacy is key in this day and age. Nobody likes strangers coming to their house to look at items for sale, or to collect items they’ve won on an online auction.’’

It’s true, it can be a hassle and there are countless nightmare stories about payments not coming on time, or the auction winner just never turning up.

Instead, there is a new way, or rather a revived way, to make quick, easy money when you need it. Although pawnbroking is an old concept, DollarDealers has brought it into the modern age with the honesty, integrity and transparency necessary in today’s economic environment.

“Time spent selling goods from your home or online is too costly when you could be out enjoying your day, . We are aware that people spend a lot of time on auction sites taking photos, listing items, and then answering endless questions. Why do that when you can pop in and see us at DollarDealers? Let us take a look at the item and have us offer you instant cash?”.

“We don’t have success fees, like other auction sites,” he says, “the price we offer you is simply the price you receive, there and then. Our customers receive cash on the spot”.

Getting the right price for your item:

At DollarDealers, our friendly, experienced staff will never pressure you to sell. “If you don’t like the price,” you can choose to keep the item. The amount we offer can be negotiated within reason until the seller is happy with the offer”.

‘We have GIA certified gemologists in-store who can appraise your jewellery. At our Avondale branch, we have our specialist motorbike team. We strive to give you the best price for your goods whatever they may be”.

Gold 1

Items accepted by DollarDealers:

We take anything and everything from electronics to white-ware, from music equipment to sports equipment, game consoles, boats, jet-skis and much more. View our list here.

We are also one of New Zealand’s largest buyers of gold, diamonds and jewellery and pay ‘the best price in town’, as quoted by the NZ Herald.

So clean out the garage, house, bach or old jewellery box. Bring those old or unwanted items down to DollarDealers.

In just a quick visit to DollarDealers, you can realise the true value of your unwanted goods and get the instant cash you need.


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