How our pawn loan service can help your cash flow today

It May Be Goodbye to the Paid Day Lenders But DollarDealers Has Got Your Back…and Always Has!

2020 has been a big year, the world has been shaken to the core. Every industry and every sector is being presented with a whole new set of challenges and circumstances to navigate.

Irrespective of the pandemic, the financial sector in New Zealand was gearing up for a new era in 2020. Payday lenders are closing across the country due to new commerce commission rulings. Pretty Penny Loans, Cash Converters and so many more are closing their doors. While in the long-run there is a great benefit for New Zealanders in the disappearance of ultra-high interest payday loans being eliminated from the financial sector, there is a section of our country-wide community who will feel the loss of such services most readily.

While the types of payday lending offerings that will disappear due to the new commerce commission rulings were never sustainable, nor fair, they did provide a ‘band-aid’ solution to the common cash-flow issues experienced by so many of us.

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DollarDealers has been New Zealand’s favourite pawnbroker for over 25 years and because we have always offered fair and sustainable lending services that align with our family and community-oriented ethos. We are unaffected by the new rulings and can continue to offer our affordable and accessible lending services to our deserving customers.

DollarDealers pawn loaning services are unlike ultra-high interest payday lending services. Our fair and sustainable lending services have been designed with the needs of our customers at the core.

So, if you are new to DollarDealers and want to know how our pawn loan services can be utilised to assist your cash flow, let’s explore our pawn loans in greater detail.

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How Will Your Loan Work?

A pawn loan is a loan that is taken out against an item of collateral.

In the unlikely instance that you default on a payment DollarDealers will retain your item of collateral and sell it on to recuperate costs. Fair, right? Our services are always fast, easy and discreet; you choose an option that works best for you.

You can learn more about our online pawn lending service here.

The DollarDealers post your gold service is available for customers throughout New Zealand. Click here to learn more about the DollarDealers post your gold service.

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Obligation Free Appraisals

Once we have appraised the value of your item of collateral, either in-store or online, our team will make you an offer of cash there and then. If you accept the offer of instant cash then our team will talk you through the terms and conditions of your loan and the relevant paperwork – it takes less than 10 minutes!

Walk away with instant cash

What are you waiting for? If you need support with cash flow or require cash in an instant DollarDealers are ready to help. Our loans are quick and safe. DollarDealers are New Zealand’s No1 Most Trusted Pawnbroking Service Provider. We are here to serve you.

Apply online now for a free quote or visit any of our nine DollarDealers stores across Auckland.


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