Low Interest Rates Calling Businesses and the Middle Class to Pawnshops

It is fair to say that once upon a time pawn shops received a bit of a bad reputation.

Pawnshops fell victim to unfair social stereotypes that were wholly inaccurate.

Established in 1998 DollarDealers strives to ensure that our pawnshops are run with the utmost transparency and integrity. We have developed our business ethos around our community and together we are thriving. Irrespective of socio-economic background, our DollarDealers stores can offer a service to each and every member of our community.

We believe that there are many reasons why a broader spectrum of the community are rediscovering the practicalities of their local pawnshop. In the case of DollarDealers, we are confident that it is our low interest rates that are calling businesses and the New Zealand middle classes to our pawnshops.

Just as our community is all-encompassing, so too are our services. With thanks to our new monthly interest rates, we have widened our reach within the community.

DollarDealers and Small Businesses

DollarDealers strives to offer the greatest value to the greatest number of individuals within our community. This is not only on a personal basis but on a business basis too.

Our new and exclusive interest rates can offer New Zealand small businesses the financial freedom they need. Businesses excel when they work together, so why not utilise DollarDealers to your business advantage.

Our pawn loan interest rates are the best in New Zealand. If your business is in need of a sustainable financial boost to enter the next stage of development and growth we have just the services for you.

When strategically integrated into your long-term business plan, a pawn loan with DollarDealers can help to rapidly progress your business.

You can use any high-value item you desire for your pawn loanSee examples here. We offer free and discreet appraisals and we will come to you. We will work around you.


Loans from $10,000 – $49,0000 incur an interest rate of 10%.

Loans from $50,000 – $99,0000 incur an interest rate of 5%.

Loans of $100,000 and above incur an interest rate of just 3%.

Our expert DollarDealers team are always eager to support small businesses in New Zealand. We are always available to consult and discuss in greater detail how our pawn loans can be of benefit to you and your company.

DollarDealers and Middle-Income Families

What we believe makes DollarDealers pawn loans so special is that they are indiscriminate. Whether you’re a business or a family seeking a financial boost, our new rates are always available.

DollarDealers pawn loans are widely regarded to be a safer financial solution for personal use than traditional banks loans. Our pawn loans never impact your credit rating and the bailiffs will never come knocking should you default on a payment.

In the unlikely event that you default on a payment or fail to repay the principal with interest the solution is simple. You can opt to extend your pawn loan by paying 1 months interest or we sell your pawned item in order to recuperate our loss. It is fair, it is safe and is proving to be an increasingly popular financial choice for middle-income kiwi families.

100% New Zealand owned and operated, DollarDealers has the financial stability of our local community at heart. Together we can thrive.

Why not drop by one of our nine Auckland-wide stores today to further discuss how DollarDealers can be of service to you.

Alternatively, give us a call on (09)6660770 or email info@dollardealers.co.nz – we look forward to hearing from you.

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