Millennials selling Designer Handbags at the Pawnshop

Millennials selling Designer Handbags at the Pawnshop

DollarDealers may be New Zealand’s favourite buyer of gold, but did you know that we also offer an extensive luxury retail range?

We buy, sell and stock an incredible range of luxury items. Designer handbags, designer watches, electronics and more. It seems to us that many young people are feeling the financial pinch in one way or another – DollarDealers has the solution for hard-working millennials seeking a little extra cash right here, right now.

We’re going to tell it like it is. Designer handbags are one of our top-selling retail items. As a demographic, millennials are typically the most finanically pinched and the most likely to have designer handbags stashed away…just waiting to be making money.

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So, let’s help one another out. DollarDealers has been a keystone of the community for over 20 years and we are not slowing down. We are here for you and together we get you the cash you need.

If you have a designer handbag that no longer sparks joy and are seeking extra cash right now, we have a solution for you.

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Millennials & Minimalism

Whether you’ve been captivated by shows like Marie Kondo or inspired by podcasts like The Minimalists, it is safe to say that the influence of these simple-living leaders has rubbed off on an entire generation.

We can all afford to have a declutter and, perhaps more significantly, benefit financially from freeing up more space in our lives. Designer handbags are statement items. We appreciate how many designer handbags are coveted but also acknowledge that they can quickly fall out of favour in place of this year’s hot trends.

Whether your Gucci phase is over or your Louis Vuitton look is so last year – we don’t care! We want your pre-loved designer handbags and guarantee to pay the best price in New Zealand.

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Pawnshop vs Auction Site

Here at DollarDealers, we believe that auction sites serve a great purpose. We also appreciate that auction sites can be arduous, time-consuming and they certainly cannot guarantee that you get the best or even fairest price for your designer handbag. You could hit the jackpot, or you could fall flat. Why take the risk?

Selling your designer handbag to DollarDealers is safe, convenient, discreet and of course, the only way to ensure that you receive top dollar for your investment piece.

Simply visit us in store for a complimentary and obligation-free appraisal and receive cash on the spot.

Our services are discreet and confidential. We ask no questions and our stores are a safe and welcoming environment for all.

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Designer Handbags and a World of Possibility.

DollarDealers offers a multitude of services to a multitude of people. Depending on your circumstances you may feel that accessing a DollarDealers pawn loan is the best option for you.

If you need cash on the spot but do not wish to sell your item you can still profit from your designer handbag with ease. A pawn loan on your designer handbag is the perfect solution to cover your short-term cash needs without having to sell your precious heirloom. You can learn more about DollarDealer pawn loans here.

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We do have just one more option for you! At our two flagship stores in Auckland CBD, you can bring in your current luxury bag and browse our retail range. You can decide to trade up or down, and any difference in price can be discussed with our in-store experts.

So, whether you wish to sell, trade or pawn loan your designer handbag know that you are fully supported by DollarDealers. We are with you every step of the way.

Find your local DollarDealers store here.


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