New Zealand’s DollarDealers Are Proud to Offer the Lowest Pawn Interest Rates in New Zealand

We are committed to giving Kiwis the best possible pawn loan interest rates.

From jet-skis to vintage cars, from Rolex watches to tech, DollarDealers are proud to offer the best pawn loan interest rates in New Zealand. We pledge never to be beaten on price.

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When it comes to getting a loan it can feel like a bit of a minefield. Where do you even begin? Contracts, interest rates and terms and conditions can seem overwhelming in a time of financial need.

What’s more, the alternative of selling precious family heirlooms can seem too much to bear.

This is where DollarDealers proudly come into play. A pawn loan is not only a sound financial solution but it is safe, secure and keeps your valuables in the family.

As a family run business, we offer a personal service to all our customers. It’s the Kiwi way, after all.

To learn more about the benefits of pawn loans, click here.

Unlike traditional bank loans, DollarDealer’s interests decrease as the loan amount increases. Our loan rates are as low as 3% on loans over $100,000 and 10% on loans over $10,000.

No other pawn loan provider in New Zealand offers such fantastic rates:

Interest Rates

A luxury pawn loan from DollarDealers has a range of other benefits too. We don’t make any credit checks. Should you default on a payment it will never be held against you when applying for another loan through DollarDealers, other pawn lenders or the banks.

DollarDealers not only provides the safest money lending option in New Zealand but the most affordable too.

Pawn loans on luxury items like watches, vehicles, even artwork, that have a market value of over $3000 are eligible for DollarDealer’s exclusive interest rates.

From as little interest as 3% per month, you can navigate your way through your financial shortfall with no stress at all.

Unlike loans from the bank, interest rates on luxury pawn loans from DollarDealers do not increase over time. Our interest rates on luxury pawn loans start low and stay low. In fact, they drop!

DollarDealers offers the best pawn loan rates in New Zealand.

The amount that is agreed by you and our expert team of staff is the amount that you will pay over the agreed period. There are never any hidden fees or unexpected interest rate increases.

You can loan big and save big today.

We at DollarDealers are proud to be able to offer our customers the lowest pawn loan interest rates in New Zealand.

We have eight stores Auckland wide, drop in today to receive your instant cash and exclusive low-interest rate on your luxury pawn items!

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