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DollarDealers – Purchase Protection Plan

Here at DollarDealers, we are always striving to create innovative ways to offer our loyal customers the best value for money. We have out-done ourselves once more; we say in the most humble of tones!

We are introducing our Purchase Protection Plan across our nine stores Auckland-wide.

Starting at just $5, DollarDealers have once again raised the bar for our customers.

Let’s explore the all-new DollarDealers Purchase Protection Plan.

120 Days of Purchase Protection

As you know by now, DollarDealers is New Zealand’s premier items lender. Did you know that we too offer a huge range of pre-loved luxury items?

From Rolex watches to iPhones, from Gucci handbags to Canon cameras, our extensive range of pre-loved items is what helped place us as firm favourite with our customers.

Tv DollarDealers

We are proud of our highly trained, expert team of staff. Our team are highly trained in appraising and testing your valuables, including cameras, tvs, tech and more.

We are now taking our commitment to your peace of mind one step further by introducing the 120-day Purchase Protection Plan. This optional extra is entirely your choice.

As you know, at DollarDealers we never pressure you into purchasing anything you don’t need. No sneaky up-selling here. We tell you straight, offering only impartial advice that is free of any obligation to buy.

So, let’s break it down. The DollarDealers 120-days Purchase Protection Plan;

Ppp Repair Pic 2

The plans start at as little as $5, and a maximum of $50. Your personal 120-day Purchase Protection Plan costs just 10% of the total cost of your item. This plan is capped at $50. So if your item costs over $500, you will still only pay $50 for this incredible 120-day purchase protection cover.

What does the 120-Day Purchase Protection Plan cover?

You can think of the 120-day Purchase Protection Plan as insurance, a guarantee, should anything unforeseen happen to your new favourite item from DollarDealers. Say something happens to your new lawnmower, or the screen faulters on your new 65inch TV; the 120-day Purchase Protection Plan has you covered. Simply bring your item into one of our nine stores Auckland-wide, with the Purchase Protection Plan document and we will sort the rest out for you.

Ppp Repair Pic

If we can fix the item to a like-new condition we will do that for you – free of charge. If something has happened and your item is beyond repair we will replace it – free of charge.

It is as simple as that. Of course, here at DollarDealers we only ever sell pre-loved items that have passed our rigorous checks and testing, however, sometimes things go wrong.

This is why the 120-day Purchase Protection Plan is available to you as of today. To give you even greater peace of mind when purchasing from DollarDealers.

Speak to our friendly staff in store, and walk away with an increased peace of mind today.

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