Post Your Gold to DollarDealers

Post Your Gold, Jewellery and Watches to DollarDealers

In light of lockdown it is fair to say that many of us have found ourselves having a clear out of the house. And in light of the financial uncertainty that we are all feeling in one way or another, there has never been a better time to turn all that you have found hidden away in storage into cash.

With DollarDealers you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to turn your unwanted items into cash.

Here is how you can post your gold for cash with DollarDealers.

Order your free courier pack here.

What Items Do DollarDealers Buy?

DollarDealers is New Zealand’s largest buyers of gold, jewellery and watches. We buy anything though! You can read a full list of the jewellery and watch items that we buy from our customers. We also accept many other larger items in store (e.g. electronics, tvs, whiteware, bikes etc) but as you can see there are only certain items that can be posted with ease. So, for now, we’re going to talk about how you can post your gold or watch to be loaned or to be bought by DollarDealers, by post.

We accept almost all pre-loved gold, diamonds, watches, precious metals, gold coins, bangles, rings and necklaces. If you are unsure, you can always give us a call to double check on (09) 6660770.

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How Does it Work?

At DollarDealers we believe in making life easier for our customers.

You can post your gold to DollarDealers by following this easy 3-step process

  1. Request you free courier pack – you can do that here
  2. Fill your pack with the items you wish to sell and send
  3. Check you bank balance for same day payments

You can send your items to DollarDealers safe in the knowledge that our courier packs are insured up to $25,000 and there is courier tracking the whole way.

It really is as simple as that.

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Things to Note:

If we cannot agree on a price that works for you, no worries, we will send your items straight back to you. No questions asked. The offer is completely obligation free but remember that DollarDealers offers the best price in New Zealand; you’re highly unlikely to find a better deal elsewhere. If you do, we’ll match it. Read our post your gold Ts+Cs here.

DollarDealers has 9 stores across Auckland. We are delighted that our post your gold service opens our services up to a whole new community of New Zealanders who want to boost their bank balance. And rightly so!

There has never been a better time to get cash for your pre-loved gold, jewellery and watches.

Order your free courier pack here.

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