What is pawning? See how pawning works, watch our video

Instant cash on the spot!

We offer a pawning service that allows you to pawn your items to get instant cash on the spot!

Your items of value are used as collateral until the loan is paid off.

You can collect your items at any stage of the 3 month loan period.

Simply apply online for a quick quote or come in to one of our 10 Auckland DollarDealers stores to talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff.

Watch our quick 30 second video now to find out more!

Items we accept

We accept almost anything of value as a pawn item including jewellery, watches, electronics, boats & cars, collectibles, tools, sports gear and much more!

Plus we have a special luxury pawning service for items worth in excess of $3,000.

We estimate the value of items based on the age, condition, appeal and retail value and will offer you the highest amount for what we believe they are worth.


Visit one of our 9 Auckland stores (see store locations here) or apply online from the comfort of your own home: Get an estimate.


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