How Pawnshops Have Stood the Test of Time


Did you know that pawnshops have existed for over 3,000 years?

Indeed they have. DollarDealers may offer a pioneering range of modern pawnbroking services but our core values remain aligned with the pawnbrokers of yesteryear.

Pawn loans have been the solution of choice for hard-working individuals and business owners for over three thousand centuries. Pawnbroking is a financial institution that has stood the test of time; DollarDealers is humbled to be playing an active role in modernising the pawnbroking industry for Kiwis in 2019 and beyond.


The world’s first pawnshops are thought to have been established in Ancient China. These early pawnshops were created to aid low-income families to access short term credit. Fast forward to modern day New Zealand and DollarDealers, your local pawnshop, is offering financial solutions to the whole community

Our pawnbroking services are available to all members of the community and our loyal customers join us from a broad range of financial backgrounds.


As the world of finance has globalised, drastic changes to banking systems and financial services have evolved.

Pawnbroking and localised, privately owned pawnshops has remained a constant for a few very important reasons.

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Pawn loans are a safe way to borrow money.

Interest rates are typically much lower than that of bank loans and, with DollarDealers, the duration of your repayments is more flexible. For these two reasons alone a pawn loan is considered to be a low-risk option for a short-term loan.

Should you default on a pawn loan you simply lose your pawned item. The pawnshop retains your pawned item and sells it to recuperate their losses. There are never any final notices posted through the door and a defaulted loan does not impact your credit rating.

To learn more about the process of taking out a pawn loan, click here.

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Pawn loans have always been one of the most discreet ways to access cash in an instant.

DollarDealers highly trained and professional team are always on hand to guide you through the process. What’s more, DollarDealers take a non-judgemental, no-questions-asked approach.

If you own an item that you wish to pawn, one of our team will happily assess and appraise your item and give you an offer of cash on the spot.

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Pawn loans are an accessible financial solution for all members of the community.

Provided you are over the age of 18 and have an item of collateral that is accepted by DollarDealers you can take out a pawn loan.

Unlike other loans, a pawn loan does not require a credit check and never impacts your credit rating.

Whether you’re a tradesman who has been hit with an unexpected invoice, or you’re a hard-working family whose boiler is on the blink, a pawn loan is an accessible option to your short-term financial shortfall.

So what are you waiting for? Pawnshops have stood the test of time and have been the first port of call for communities across the globe, and across the centuries, seeking a financial boost.

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With nine stores Auckland-wide your local DollarDealers pawnshop is closer than you may think.

Drop by one of our stores today or use our online pawn loan calculator for an estimate.


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